Romantic Holiday Getaways

romantic holiday getaways


            There’s no denying the holidays bring an equal dose of romance with all their cheer. It’s a time of year to hunker down and cozy up closer with that special someone to wait out the cold winter months. That is if you’re not knee deep in present hunting, party planning, and Christmas card mania. So, here’s a little gift from us to you. While home might be where the heart and the in-laws are, the holidays can be the perfect time for you and your beau to set out for new shores. For those of you feeling more adventurous and amorous than traditional this holiday season, these romantic getaways provide a hearty dose of festive, along with some extra magic to bring you and your love closer than ever.


Lausanne, Switzerland

At the end of November, snow begins to grace the mountainsides and the wet fall weather makes way for frost and fairy lights, transforming Lausanne into a Christmas city straight from storybooks. For those of you craving a taste of the traditional with an added dose of European charm and flavor, Lausanne tops the list. Wander the bustling Christmas markets, sipping mulled wine while searching for the perfect trinkets. If music rather than shopping be the food of love, take in a concert of carols and classics at St. Francois church. The historic Beau-Rivage Palace offers an extensive Christmas calendar, classic rooms overlooking the lake, and an ice rink for the occasional twirl. For the ultimate holiday date night? Step inside one of their lakeside igloos to sample Swiss treats while surrounded by snow fall.

isle of skye scotland 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

For the lovebirds looking for a picturesque and private Christmas, the Isle of Skye offers a stunning landscape and plenty of sensual seclusion. Kinloch Lodge offers guests an impeccable luxury experience year-round, though it shines most spectacularly during the Christmas season. The 17th-century hunting lodge retains its classic grandeur with modern hints of glamour, namely the Michelin-starred restaurant, which prepares an unforgettable 7-course feast for Christmas eve. There’s plenty of rugged Highland countryside to explore around the sprawling grounds, and the Scottish mainland is easily accessible by bridge. Still, once you take in the candlelit rooms lined with furs and family portraits, you may opt for a dram of Scottish whiskey by a roaring fire instead.

Asheville North Carolina

Asheville, NC

It might not be what Elvis had in mind when he crooned about a “Blue Christmas”, but Christmas amongst the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains offers back-country luxury and good-old American hospitality for an intimate holiday to remember. Do you and your S.O. a favor and book a Candlelight Christmas Evening stay to spend the holidays exploring the beautiful halls of America’s largest home. During the day you can explore the storefronts in the idyllic town of Biltmore or stroll through the historic rooms lavish and laden with decorations. Spend your evenings pampered into holiday bliss at the Inn. Then, for one special night, you two can celebrate like royalty with a catered evening at the one and only Biltmore Estate.

Lake District, England

Lake District, England

What could be more romantic than a winter escape to England’s blissful Lake District? Well, a winter escape to the Gilpin Spa Hotel in the heart of the Lake District, to be exact. One of the longstanding, premier luxury experiences in the region, the Gilpin pulls out all the stops to truly pamper you through the holiday season. By day, wander through snow covered fells for some exercise and excitement before winding down with a couple’s massage. Then, fiill your evenings with sensuality and romance, soaking in a private hot-tub after indulging in a Michelin-star meal. You’ll be so relaxed, revitalized, and reeling from romance, we won’t blame you for forgetting the festivities. However, in continuance with your low-key holiday dreams, the tea-for-two at Hrishi restaurant will be the perfect way to commence Christmas day together.

St. Barthelemy

St. Barthélemy

Celebrities and socialites saint the sands of this island, coveting its singular mixture of Caribbean serenity and Sud de France sensibilities. Take your holiday cue from the rich and famous and spend your holiday traipsing from secluded beach to laid-back lounge. The Cheval Blanc offers some of the island’s most romantic beachside bungalows, so you can rub elbows with the Island’s elite or stay in your own little Caribbean corner soaking up sun and basking in the warmth of each other’s company. Holiday festivities certainly won’t disappoint, whether at the Cheval or any of the chic resorts dotting the islands coastline. You’ll find there’s something delightfully rebellious about bare feet in December.



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